Our Approach

“Most Agencies will tell you about their dazzling creative. But what good are they without an equally dazzling work ethic?”

Most ad agencies are capable of doing dazzling work. After all, that’s why they are in business. But, will they do amazing work for you? Are they consistently brilliant, or just occasionally? Does their ‘break-through’ creative have a strategic foundation, or does it it just look good?

As a client, you deserve exceptional thinking as well as stunning concepts from your agency. But, you also deserve an agency that you can count on.

Does your agency actually listen to your project briefings? Ask the right questions? Do the work on time? Return your phone calls quickly? Charge you a reasonable price?

At Campbell Communications Inc., our people have been in advertising long enough to know that the most enduring and successful relationships are based on working as hard for the money as the client does. The real trick is to do wonderful and engaging creative that’s on-strategy, on-time and on-budget. We do. We work hard at making the mystery and the magic happen so it helps to sell the client’s brand.

"The unique selling proposition is getting the work and the thinking you pay for."

When you trust your account or your projects to Campbell Communications, you get only our senior account, creative and media professionals... without the punishing overhead of a big agency.

Plus, you get the priority focus and closer relationship of a small agency. You'll feel like you're in a partnership with your agency, because you are. You don't get the feeling that the meter is running, because it isn't. Call us. We're good listeners.

What We Do

“We do just about everything”

Strategic Planning
Print Production
Broadcast Production
Media Planning
Corporate Design
Interactive Media
Direct Mail
Commercial Photography

"With experience comes insight"

When you bring Campbell Communications on board to tell your story, you don't get a junior writing the dialogue, setting the scene or choosing the soundtrack. You will get seasoned pros who have pretty much done everything there is to do in advertsiing and have the strategic chops to go with our creative craft.

The work we produce has the ring of truth to it because we've all had 25 years of learning how to listen to our clients and to the marketplace. We love the business... We have BIG ideas... and we have a passion for building successful brands for our clients.

"With a BIG IDEA you can outsmart the competition... Without it, you may have to outspend them."

Contact Us

“Call us. We’re good listeners.”

If you don’t feel you’re connecting with your customers or consumers, or feel that you could be doing more to attract attention to your brand, please call us. We’ll listen, and make some suggestions with no obligation. Then, if you think we make sense, hire us to do a project.

After all, you wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive... why do it with an agency?

Campbell Communications Inc.
21 Holtom St.,
Lindsay ON. K9V 0L2